Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • 1. What ages do you teach?

    Ages 3 years old to adults. 

  • 2. May I take a free trial class?

    Yes, if you are interested in attending a class please send us an email to

    If we have a spot available, we can accommodate a free trial class for you or your child.

    We do not offer free trial classes for our Tiny Tots batch. For this batch we recommend that the parents try it out for a month and after that if your child is still struggling or not enjoying, you can let us know and we can take your child off the system.

  • 3. Will I be the oldest in class?

    Class placement is determined by level of dancer. Each level has age recommendations.

  • 4. Do I have to participate in the dance recital?

    Everyone is welcome to participate in the dance recitals which are held thrice a year. It is highly recommended as a part of the students dance education experience but is not mandatory. MDWA has three recitals in a year. Our spring recital is in April, summer recital is in August and winter recital is in December. Every year the date changes, but the month will remain the same.

  • 5. Do we have to buy costumes or would MDWA provide it?

    MDWA will provide you the costumes. Sometimes the students buy from us, or they rent from us. For adult costumes, we have you buy through an outside vendor. 

  • 6. Do students have to pay registration fee in order to participate in MDWArecitals?


    No, if you are a students of the MDWA , you don’t have to pay any registration fee in order to participate in the recital.

  • 7. Do parents or anyone coming to the recital have to buy tickets?

    Yes, anyone other than the participant needs to buy tickets. We usually send these details out once closer to the recital!


  • 8. What dance style should a young child participate in?

    To set the proper movement and knowledge base moves, we recommends that all young students begin with the Bollywood class. Each class offered provides students with important experience that they can continue to build on.

  • 9. How do I know if my child is placed in the correct class level?

    Securing proper class levels is an on-going process in each class throughout the year. Please feel free to speak with your child’s instructor for additional information.

  • 10. Will my child progress each year?

    Yes, MDWA curriculum is progressive and each year students will be moved into a more advanced category of training. From time to time and in the older age divisions, the class name may not change but the group of students in the class will be advancing within the category.



  • 11. Should my child take multiple classes per week?

    Students ages 3-6 should not feel a need to take multiple classes per week. After the age of 7 and depending on their love for the art form and their reason for taking class a student may decide to enroll in more classes. Dance is like any sport or art form; the more you train the better and faster you achieve.

  • 12. How do I know what classes to enroll in?

    Please contact us; we are here to assist you.

  • 13. If I want to speak to a teacher should I catch them after their class?


    Often teacher’s schedules do not allow for a break between classes. You are very important to us so please leave a message for the teacher via email at or give us a call at 425-947-5008!

  • 14. Do you offer private lessons?


    Yes, we offer solo privates, group privates, wedding privates, or any other event privates! To know about this, please email us at mydanceworldacademy@gmail.comor give us a call at 425-947-5008.

  • 15. Do I get a credit for the holiday closings or if I miss a class?


    We do not give credits for holiday closings just like we do not increase your tuition when you receive 5 classes in a month. Every student gets 3/4 classes per month.

    We do not give credits for missed classes. Think of your tuition as leasing a spot in one of our classes. As long as you are current on your tuition, you will not lose your spot if you miss a class.

  • 16. What happens if we paid for a monthbut my child was unable to attend? Can my payment be refunded or rolled over?

    If you will be on vacation for a month or a two and you still want to secure your spot, let us know and we can freeze your account. We can only freeze your account for up to two months, plus you would need to pay the upcoming month’s tuition in advance.

  • 17. Is the registration fee a one-time fee?


    Yes, only if you are a part of the academy. If you join and take a break for more than two months, at your re-joining you would need to pay the registration fee again.


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