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I love how Srishti teaches dance. At her academy, it is not only about dance but the personal growth also. I’m so glad to find this academy. Thanks Srishti..!


My daughter loves Srishti didi and always looks forward to her classes! Thank You Srishti!


We love the Bollywood Class! Your teaching style is exceptional, and my daughter always looks forward to class. Additionally, we love the structure and organization, including sending videos for at-home practice. The performance was also well organized, especially costumes and make-up. We really appreciate all your hard work! Thanks!

Vinithra R

My 2.5 yr old daughter loves dancing and I couldn’t ask for a better place to pursue her passion. Srishti handles everything professionally adding a personal touch to it which makes the kids love her. Keep up the good work!!


Both my daughters are Srishti’s students, they love and enjoy dancing. They practice dance at home with the video and it is so beautiful to watch them smiling and talking about dance. They look forward to come to their class everytime.

Gayatri garg

My doughter loves dance she join my dance word academy Srishti is a good. Teacher she teaching very good kids lot of fun in learn dance my dougher very improving in dance she lot of confidence I am very happy her progress Thanks to ms srishti . Good luck

Priyanka Gulati

My dance world academy has given a wonderful enriching introduction of Bollywood dance to my daughter. Suhaani(age 5) enjoys these classes & we love watching her learn. We would love to continue her classes with Srishti in the years to come. Highly recommend.

Deepa Majumdar

My daughter is being tutored by Srishti and she is an awesome teacher and dancer. I am looking forward to send my second one too.

Neha Chaudhry

My daughter has been Srishti’s student for about about 3 years now. Srishti’s puts in hardwork and passion into everything be it choreography, costumes or video coverage. She wants her students to deliver a great performance and she does whatever she can in her power. I have seen my daughter transition from a quiet shy toddler to a confident little girl and I attribute a lot of it to Srishti’s My dance world academy. Thanks Srishti!

Joyjeet DM

This is “The Best Place” to nurture your creativity. Every one is so dedicated that brings in extra energy for the kids.

Geetika Goyal

Dia loves dancing with Srishti. I love the way Srishti keeps adding a wow factor to her choreography. Glad she started her dance Academy. Good Luck and God Bless!